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Latest Crap Out Of Washington D.C. and the MSM

Who Runs and Who Owns the Largest On-Line Porn sites? And Who Makes Money Off of Them?Porn has revolutionized components such as targeted ads, pay-per-click, and email marketing in the global online advertising industry and is today a major part of the Internet economy.

Controversy over videos with links to violence on children and sex trafficking has also been linked to so-called "tube" pages. So WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?"

Dounreay site available for reuse in the year 2333 Can't seem to think of anything to say but, "Wow!"

Nolte: Rose McGowan Rips DNC, Clintons — ‘I Believe Joe Biden Is a Rapist’ Imagine you are Rose McGowan. You’re Ground Zero of the #MeToo movement and nothing’s changed, not a goddamned thing.

Spain to Build 30-Foot Walls Around Its African Cities to Stop Illegal Migrants So European countries are now building border walls. I guess they are taking example from the Vatican. They've had a border wall for centuries.


Obama and the beach house loopholes Boy, the Obama's sure aren't worrying about 'Rising Sea Levels' anymore. They are expanding their Post Presidency fortune by buying MORE seafront property. How many houses do these guys need? Or maybe they will share it with the poor and unfortunate like good socialists.

Oh yeah, they also don't give a S#!T about the environment. Read the article and see how they are deliberately skirting the laws.

Why Hasn't Democrat Darling Julia Louis-Dreyfus Been Canceled for Appearing in Film with Blackface Character? The LEFT turns a blind eye to Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the fact that she was in a movie that had a character in Black Face as the main premise of the movie. The movie was titled, "Soul Man."

Sarah Silverman Blasts 'Cancel Culture': 'They Fired Me' Over a Blackface Photo Sarah Silverman is upset because the environment she helped to create bit her in the ass.


This Year, 2,200 Nigerian Christians Were Massacred by Islamists

Since 2009, 34,400 Christians and 20,000 cultural Muslims have been murdered by Islamists, mainly in the north of the country, who also uphold animistic traditional beliefs and practices.

The Director of 'A Christmas Story' Was Killed By An Illegal AlienAlthough most of us are familiar with the classic film, many are not aware of the horrific manner in which Bob Clark, director of A Christmas Story," died. On April 4, 2007, when the 65-year-old director was travelling with his son, Ariel Hanrath-Clark, 22, along the Pacific Coast Highway, an SUV veered into oncoming traffic, causing a head-on collision with Clark's car. Both Clarks died at the scene. The SUV was driven by a drunk-driving illegal alien.

Michelle Obama Praising Harvey Weinstein as a 'Wonderful Human Being' AFTER HIS SEX ABUSE CONVICTION At a White House function, former First Lady Michelle Obama's video celebrating the rapist Harvey Weinstein after his conviction.

Woman finds a note from Chinese 'prisoner' begging for help inside her Walmart purseAn Arizona woman says that in a purse she purchased at Walmart, she found a letter from a Chinese slave labor inmate asking for help.